Laser Engraved Printing Plates

Engraved Plate Revolution

The introduction of laser engraved printing plates to the dry offset printing industry was an amazing development.  Allowing for things once not possible due to the dry offset process, it allowed for a significant increase in print quality.  Pairing a high quality laser engraved plate with industry-leading dry offset color separation techniques can yield amazing results!

Sanden North America, Inc. has done just that.

laser engraved printing plates

Our laser engraved printing plates for dry offset are engraved using the HELL PremiumSetter equipped with a powerful fiber laser.  With this amazing engraver, we are able to achieve results with much higher quality than engraved plates with other lasers.  Engraving to a state-of-the-art elastomer at resolutions up to 5080, the razor-sharp final product is unmatched.  The ability to engrave at such high resolutions allows us to produce much cleaner, crisper line work and text along with perfectly defined dots.

laser engraved printing plates comparison

With 100% control of the sub-surface dot, we can customize a depth as well as where the sub-surface dot begins anywhere between 1% and 100%.  This allow us to minimize dot gain where it is needed most and create beautifully feathered vignettes.

Our elastomer engraved printing plates do not not swell or crack, and are extremely durable.  The elastomer is a very forgiving material that resists scratches and gouges that can ruin photopolymer plates.  This reduces the need for replacements due to damage at press or during clean up.  This material has also shown to produce over 20 million impressions without replacement, further reducing the need to purchase replacements.

If you would like to see the amazing print possible with these plates utilizing our world-class color separations, Check out our Gallery or visit our Contact page to request samples.

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