It’s About Better Business


Running a profitable printing department means taking a sensible approach to efficient operations and implementing cost effective production practices.

Sanden North America, Inc. is uniquely qualified to offer technical consulting and on-press support for the Dry Offset Printing industry.

Our experience in production, supervisory and management roles within printing departments is extensive across skill-levels and areas of discipline.

Chances are, if you are experiencing printing problems or inefficiencies that seem out of control, we have suffered those same problems and found solutions. Let our experience advance your problem-solving, and take your printing department to the next level.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Solutions for poor quality printing
  • Labor structure and skill level evaluation
  • Comparison testing of inks, blankets or plate material
  • Confidential research and development of new printing techniques and processes
  • On site press approvals
  • Color separations
  • Optimizing the plate-making process

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