Dry Offset Print Training

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A good start to any successful print job is making sure you have good art.  However, even great art and new equipment with the latest technology can produce undesirable results, lengthy changeovers, and a high rate of scrap.  When staff lacks experience or the necessary trouble-shooting skills, your productivity and product quality can suffer. This leads to lost profits as well as customers.

If your staff needs training and you would like to increase customer satisfaction, reduce your scrap and increase efficiency, our Dry Offset Printing courses will give your company the keys to industry standards in quality and press knowledge.

Master the Secrets

Whether you choose to have the course on-site utilizing your own press or at our facility on our 9-color press, here are just a few things your staff will learn:


  • How to efficiently perform plate changeovers
  • Fast registration techniques
  • How to set colors and pressures quickly and accurately
  • How to reduce scrap during set up and press run
  • How to properly set blanket to mandrel pressure
  • Complete understanding of the colorhead and ink train
  • Measuring and Controlling Color
  • How to optimize consumable supplies (blankets and inks)
  • Halftones and Dry Offset Process printing
  • The Business of Printing / Controlling Costs
  • How to optimize the platemaking process
  • How pre-press affects production printing
  • Color theory and how it applies in dry offset
  • How to troubleshoot printing problems on press

Through hands-on press labs, informative lectures and in-depth discussions, as well as proofing systems and analysis, your staff can expect to learn the keys to great dry offset printing!

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