Dry Offset Printing Plates and Films

Dry Offset Printing Materials

From lids to 5 gallon buckets, Sanden North America offers a full range of options in films and printing plates for any size format.  These materials and how they are produced are as important as the quality of the art they carry.  We have tested practically every material available to ensure you not only receive the best, but also the most cost efficient.

If you are looking for the absolute best in printing plates, visit our Direct Laser Engraved Printing Plates page to learn more.  The print capability and image quality with our laser engraved plates is unmatched. However, if conventional plates are what you are looking for, we have optimized this process to ensure you get the best possible result.  Our photopolymer plates are very durable, typically seeing over 1 million impressions before replacement if proper care and use are in place. However, if you have a specific plate material you require for your operation, we are certainly able to provide you with your material of choice.

Does your company have plate processing capabilities and only require film?  Film service is a cornerstone of our business. While some companies have moved away from film entirely, many still utilize the conventional film and plate method.  We continue to provide this service to the numerous companies still utilizing this method.

Our film is constantly monitored for consistent density and dot percentage accuracy, ensuring that regardless of when you receive film from Sanden, your results will be the same.

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