Line Art


What is Line Art?

Line art is an image that isn’t photographic (or in a raster format made up of pixels) and is in vector format usually created in Illustrator, can range anywhere form very simple to very complex. Attention to the details however, is no less important than high profile photographic images.

A Staple in Our Service

Whether it’s finding ways to create colors using a limited palate, taking steps to ensure a crisp print or reduce contamination, Sanden takes all the necessary steps to ensure every piece of art we prepare has the best chance for success.

We also provide any graphic services needed to design and create art, or, in many cases, recreate art form a scan or old printed container.  If a raster image, typically a Photoshop file or JPEG, is the only available image, we can convert this image into a vector format.  Raster images are made up of pixels which can cause blurry edges in logos and art that should have crisp edges.  Converting to vector, or line art, ensures the art has clean lines and a crisp appearance.

Turn around times for line work at Sanden are extremely fast.  Whether you need film only, or require a set of plates, you can be sure your materials are of the highest quality.  For more information on the printing materials we supply, see our Films and Printing Plates page.  Or, for the ultimate in Line Art capability, quality and durability, including smaller, crisper reverse text and images, take a look at our laser engraved plates!

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